COMPULIFE® Forms Library

Terms of Use

I hereby affirm that I am appointed by and authorized to use the forms of the following companies.

I agree that the forms are the property of the company and that I will not alter the forms except in instances where the form has been specifically designed to allow the typed entry of information.

I agree that I will not provide copies of the forms to other parties unless those parties are appointed by and/or authorized by the company to use the forms (including insurance prospects and clients of the company).

I agree that if I provide forms to other parties I will make certain that those parties abide by this agreement and accept full responsibility for any use of those forms which violate this agreement.

I agree that I will not post copies of the forms on the internet without the consent of the company. I understand that I may e-mail copies of the forms to parties authorized to use them.

In the event that I violate any provision of this Form Use Agreement, I agree that Compulife has the right to terminate my software license agreement without any compensation to me.

I further hold Compulife harmless for any use of forms that I obtain from the Compulife Forms Library. In the event litigation arises from my use of those forms, where Compulife is named as a result of my use of the forms, I agree that I will compensate Compulife for it's legal defense costs.

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